Rick Hauser

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation to Rick Hauser, truck # 238. Rick is a very loyal employee and a loving family man. One of his many dedications to helping the company and other drivers was on a holiday weekend. “Rick was one of the first drivers to the yard this morning and we had to switch him over to pick up a load. When we asked Rick about doing the pick-up he quickly agreed to do it.” The weather is rough out there and I’m sure Rick wants to get home to his family for the holiday as much as anyone else. Rick helping us out shows his dedication and willingness to work with the company. Hats off to Rick, truck # 238! You are much appreciated!

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JJ Wagner, truck 203 said he has been in trucking for many years and come across many mechanics but no one has ever done as good of a job as Richie has. He said Richie is top notch and his truck has never run so good. JJ said thank you so very much for everything you did and do. I have had more compliments in the past couple months then I have the 5 years  on how happy the drivers are with their trucks and how good the trucks are running.