Hello to everyone at Carry On,
Just wanted to say Hi and to thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts. February and March were rough, but the road I am traveling has reached the toughest point and it is starting to be so positive and strong that I felt the need to allow my thoughts to be known. I am feeling better and stronger each day and I thank you for all you have done for me during this time.
However, I really wanted to say I miss being a part of the greatest trucking company I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of the team…………and by team I mean family.
Billy has created such a great company, a company that truly recognizes the driver as an important part of the team.  From day one with the Recruitment/Safety Department welcoming you with such professionalism…….to getting to know each and everyone that is team Carry On.
A Dispatch team that almost asks if you are okay with the dispatch you are assigned and then checks on you with concern for you…….not demanding or telling you what you will do. Each family member in dispatch knows who you are and treats you with the respect and understanding unheard of in this industry.
The Administrative Office is so outstanding. They call or message you…….they ask you………they watch out for you. Benefits, health…….paperwork concerns always welcomed, never made to feel like it was my problem……….again family helping family.
A Service Team that is totally professional. The trucks are completely inspected each weekend, completely inspected before you return to the road. A Service Team that listens and actually fixes the problem. My first trip out, Billy himself would not release the truck to me till he was completely satisfied that the truck was 100% operational and safe, yet I thought the tractor was fine.
I received a clean tractor, assigned to me……imagine feeling like an Owner Operator of the tractor yet parking it on Friday or Saturday and leaving a list of what you feel should be checked and it is. One Sunday I got into the truck to find a brand new seat and I never even mentioned it…….as a matter of fact I never had much of a list to fix in the first place.
Notice I said each weekend, why……..because you are home each weekend and not for ten or twelve hours…….or they allow you to run the days you want to.
Now for the drivers………imagine working for a company that when you are in the yard or in a truck stop and get the chance to  talk to another Carry On driver, yet he is happy. Now you can’t keep everyone happy..everyday…even I had a bad day (supermarket warehouse..13 hour unload), yet most Carry On drivers I met and talked to were so supportive, so helpful, guiding you with suggestions, helpful ways and shortcuts………. again as if you were family. And by the way…….that 13 hour unload day, Billy, Safety and Dispatch all met with me the next Monday, taking the time from their busy day, allowing me to vent and providing me with a solution that was unheard of in this industry.
One of my wishes is to one day return and retire from Carry On……..listen driving and trucking…..not the easiest career in the world………..but if you love trucks and the open road……..I will only talk about one company…….Carry On Trucking…….the family trucking company.
Kick the tires of 241 Hello for me and again so many thanks to my friends and family,